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From the Manse - November 2016
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Revd. Derek McLean
Revd. Derek McLean

I love being the Minister at Abbots Langley Methodist Church.

I’m writing this earlier than I might because I have a few days off in the run up to the Editor’s deadline, but I’m just enjoying being part of the enthusiasm that you generate.

This week, I’ve had a Churches Together meeting, Church Council, Pastoral Visitors Meeting and I’m putting the final touches together for the Harvest Thanksgiving. That could constitute a dull and exhausting week, but I’m always boosted by the love shown at the Pastoral Visitors meeting and the amazing way you care for each other.

I also reshuffled the Church Council Agenda to adopt Rev. Gareth Powell’s suggestion that we should always ensure that the old heading of “The Work of God in this place” is prominent in our discussions.

The result was hugely encouraging: sharing stories of what we enjoy in worship, committing to the launch of a new Bible Study group, talking about communal prayer, deciding which needy groups we should seek to support…

OK there is business to be done: we need to fix the heating, we need to look at the accounts. However, all of that is much less of a chore when we’ve set it in the context of our love of God and our commitment to following Jesus through serving others.

God bless you

Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed helping out with St. Paul’s assemblies in the gap between Ysmena’s departure and James’ arrival. It is fair to say that when I got the entire school to stand up and shout “Hallelujah” as loudly as they could, it was very noisy. Amen to that.

Rev Derek