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From the Manse - February 2017
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Revd. Derek McLean
Revd. Derek McLean

We enjoyed sharing together in the Churches Together Epiphany Service at St. Lawrence this year. It was lovely to see such a full church, with an excellent turn out from the Anglicans and Roman Catholics. Personally, I enjoy hearing my ecumenical colleagues preach because it is great to hear fresh perspectives. (It was Father Paul on this occasion)

Nevertheless, I had a rather different but even more valuable “Epiphany” this year. I was first acutely aware of it at a Communion Service I led at Croxley, but I experienced it again at Ley Hill and then at Abbots. It was that moment when a Minister looks out at a congregation knowing something of their joys and sorrows, and rejoicing in the way that they love one another. We’ve heard the Scripture: it is by this that people will see that we are Jesus’ disciples, that we love one another.

I’ve seen a few instances where a barely noticed gesture is immensely significant. Many people might have missed a hand on a shoulder or a quiet word of encouragement, but in knowing that story I have glimpsed God’s Kingdom in action – heaven has touched the earth.

I am still learning rapidly in my early years in Ministry, but let me assure you that this calling is richly rewarding. That is especially apparent when I find myself prayerfully acknowledging before God that I love my three little flocks.

God Bless you all.