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From the Manse - March 2017
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Revd. Derek McLean
Revd. Derek McLean

The 1st March is Ash Wednesday this year, and once again the church will be counting down the days and weeks toward Easter.

What do you plan to give up for Lent this year? Or are you taking up something new, finding a new challenge or new pattern of prayer?

However you’ve decided to mark it, I hope that it will be a real opportunity to re-examine our faith, to go back to the basics of what we believe. Our Lent course is one way to do that, and many of us will be using it in that way. Just because I’m a Minister and a leader
on the course doesn’t exempt me from needing to ask these basic questions afresh year by year.

Lent has dark days. That is right, and our nurturing in Lent needs to feed us for times of sadness and times of joy.

Those of you who heard Judith Rossall preach at my Testimony Service last summer may remember the story about the shark. You may perhaps have forgotten why she told that story. It was a reminder that we need to keep on telling our story: the story of the
presence of Jesus in our lives.

Many of us have been Christians for decades, perhaps all of our lives. It can be easy to lose the zeal and enthusiasm of the new convert, the new Christian. In the same way, many of us have human relationships which have lasted for more years than we care to admit. However comfortable we are in those relationships, they still need time, care, attention and commitment.

Do you spend enough time nurturing our relationship with Jesus, spending time with Him?

God bless you all

Rev Derek