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From the Manse - April 2017
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Revd. Derek McLean
Revd. Derek McLean

I went to a Messy Meet-Up in March. It was an opportunity for all of the people who run Messy Churches in this area to get together and share experiences and ideas. Quite rightly we started off with some craft.

My activity involved colouring a wooden cross using felt tip pens. I coloured one side of the cross black and the other side in bright reds and golds.

This year, Easter falls right in the middle of April, so my minister’s letter covers a period divided between the darkness of the approach to the cross, and the stunning brightness of the period after the resurrection.

Despite the joys of the first Palm Sunday (I’m sure that Palm Sunday worship here will be joyful) the run up to the first Easter was a time of gathering tension and uncertainty. Jesus tried to prepare the disciples for awful events ahead, but they were too horrible for them to comprehend.

Even after Jesus had risen, it was hard for the disciples to understand, but slowly they began to see that everything had changed forever.

Some of you may feel that you are in dark places at the moment and feel hemmed in by things which you can’t control. If you do, please find comfort that others have been there before and that however bleak the darkness God has already won the victory through Jesus’ resurrection.

… For others, your lives are already filled with great joy. I urge you to give thanks to God for all you have received. Rejoice!

God Bless You

Rev Derek