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From the Manse - February 2018
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Revd. Derek McLean
Revd. Derek McLean

I’m continuing to reflect on the way in which a few simple words can be powerful in guiding our prayers. This month, I’m concentrating on prayers where we say, ‘Please…’ to God.

This week, there was a letter in my newspaper suggesting that Alexa – the voice activated gadget which follows people’s instructions – should have been programmed to only respond to requests from children if they say, ‘please’.

Jesus tells his disciples to ask for things in his name and he promises that he will be given them.

We know that there are things we pray for where God seems not to respond or fails to respond in the way we want. However, Jesus urges us to be persistent in prayer. There is so much in the world and in our daily lives that we want God’s help to change.

I keep a list to hand of the things – and the people – which I’m praying for where I’m saying ‘please…’ to God. Keep on asking, in Jesus name, because God loves all his children…

… Even if sometimes when we cry out to God, we are like children and need to be reminded to say ‘please’.

Rev Derek