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Revised: 02-Feb-2018
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Revd. Derek McLean

Abbots Langley Methodist Church is a friendly welcoming church set in the heart of the village. Almost all our members live or work in the village and so the church is an integral part of village life. Our members, together with members from the other village churches live out their Christian discipleship by involvement in many projects and organisations that offer practical help to those in need.

In our Sunday worship we mix traditional and contemporary resources in order to meet the spiritual needs of our congregation.

Once a month we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, remembering that it is the Lord's table not ours, and so all who wish to take the sacrament may do so. Ladies from the village come together on a Wednesday afternoon for devotions, fellowship and to hear Christian speakers. Our monthly united bible study with Kings Langley Methodist Church is small, but provides sound bible teaching and an opportunity for theological reflection.

Our minister takes an active part in the spiritual life of the village beyond the boundaries of the church building; through services in residential and nursing homes, links with schools, and through joint working with the other clergy in the village. This includes supporting the important work of the Churches Together in Abbots Langley Bereavement Visitors.

We have strong links with our ecumenical neighbours. Annually a pulpit exchange takes place between the clergy and lay preachers of the village Baptist, Anglican and Catholic Churches. These have proven to be times of great enrichment. There are many other united services and events during the Christian year, including open-air services on Kitters Green.