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Revised: 02-Feb-2018
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The Church supports a range of activities that compliment our regular worship. Some of these activities, are largely for those who worship with us, others are more secular in nature and attract members of the wider village community.

In addition ot the activities organisaed directly by the church, we also support a range of secular activities by making our premises available to the wider Abbots Langly Community.

Bible Study House study groups. 8.00pm last Thursday in each month. Venue varies - see link for details.
Luncheon Club An opportunity for Senior Citizens to meet and eat together. 12.14pm. 3rd Friday in month Methodist Church Hall
Coffee Shop Morning coffee for shoppers in the village. 10.00 to
11.30am, every Saturday.
Methodist Church Small Hall
Churches Together in Abbots Langley (CTAL) The Churches of various denominations in Abbots Langley, Bedmond and Langleybury work together on matters of mutual interest. Throughout the year. All sorts of places.
Open House Tea, cakes and a chat. 2.30 to
1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month
Methodist Church Hall
Messy Church Run jointly between St Lawrence’s Parish church and the Methodist, with volunteers from both churches.

It is designed to be a place where both parents, carers and children get together to have fun, be creative, worship and have a meal together. Our target age range is 5 -11 but younger brothers and sisters, even if they are tiny, are welcome too.

3.30 to 6.00pm Second Wednesday each month. MethodistChurch Hall