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Worship take a number forms, each designed to meet the various needs of the church membership and community. The information below summarises these activities; further details are available by following the links.
In addition to the activities organised directly by the church, we also support a range of secular activities by making our premises available to the wider Abbots Langley Community.

Sunday Morning Service Our regular Sunday
each Sunday
Methodist Church
Messy Church After school for children and parents/carers. Lots of fun. 3.30pm second Wednesday each month Methodist Church Hall
Shoppers' Service A short weekday service for people attending the Luncheon Club, or who find this time of day a more convenient time for worship. 11.45am on the third Friday of each month. Methodist Church.
Pop in for Prayer/Quiet Time A time for quiet reflection and prayer. Everyone welcome, and ideal for those who may not have time or inclination to come to Sunday morning worship. 11.00 -
11.30am every Saturday.
Methodist Church